Wedding Wall Hanging. March 2015. Jacquard adapted from photograph. Heart jacquard backing machine knit and hand applied.
 Portrait. August 2016. Hand knit intarsia jacquard blanket.
 Grandpa Bag. March 2015. Jacquard developed from Pen and Ink drawing. Floats on the back are encased in a racked, zig-zag lining by a hand applied rib border. Machine knit jacquard and lining.
 Double-Sided Selfie Bag Details. March 2015. Jacquard developed from drawings. Reversible bag.
 Stiches Bitches iPad Case with Jersey Lining. February 2015. Machine knit, machine applied lining     99 Problems Laptop Case with Fully Fashioned Lining. February 2015. Machine knit, hand applied lining
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